Life Changing Ministries of Deliverance Staff

Bishop Michael and Prophetess Annette Dukes are natives of Augusta, GA who ventured out (17) seventeen years ago, and made their place of dwelling in Dallas, TX. They currently oversee the Life Changing Ministries of Deliverance Church family where they believe that faith in God is absolutely necessary if you plan on going anywhere in God.

Associate Pastor Linda Rainey took her steps from Laneville, TX to Arp, TX and completed her formal training in Dallas, TX. She was a devoted wife to the late Pastor Burnett Rainey for 34 years and is currently serving as the Associate Pastor of LCMOD. God has truly anointed this powerful woman of God with wisdom to help train and equip the body of Christ.

Minister-Elect Talicia Rainey is a woman that you need to keep your eye on, for truly God has raised this woman up in prayer and in the word. Whenever she is heard speaking, you will know without a doubt that she has spent time with the Lord. As Church Secretary of LCMOD, there is no one who is more committed to her responsibility than this young virtuous woman.

Mother Mary Mabry When looking into the face of mother Mary you know that God will restore your youth. She is the President of Mother’s in Zion, a group of women who God has preserved, and set fourth in the ministry as an example to other women. Her speech is soft, but her praise is that of a roaring lion.